Battery Operated Heater?

If you’re looking for a battery operated heater, then chances are, you need a small heater that doesn’t take up space and doesn’t use any electricity. Unfortunately, a heater that gets hot enough to keep you warm takes too much energy, more than regular batteries can handle. There is an alternative though.

Here is an awesome personal heater that is inexpensive, small, which means it’s portable, and doesn’t use up a lot of electricity.

The dimensions are 3.8″ x 4.3″ x 6.1″ tall. It only uses 200 Watts and has automatic overheat protection.

It still uses electricity but a lot less of it compared to regular heaters. Keep in mind that this is a personal heater which means it’s not meant to heat up a whole room like most heaters. Since it uses little electricity, it only emits enough heat to keep your space warm rather than the whole room or office. Your coworkers in neighboring cubicles won’t be able to leech off the warmth from your heater.

Now, even though personal heaters use a lot less electricity, it still uses electricity which means if you’re using it at home, you will have to pay for it. If you want to save even more money, before turning your heater on, make sure you’re already wearing layered clothing. With enough clothes on you to keep your body heat from escaping, you may find that you don’t even need to use a heater.

Another thing to check is the insulation of your room. If it’s insulated, it’ll do a much better job of keeping the heat inside your room. If it’s not, whatever heat you’re getting from your personal heater will just leak out of your room which means you’ll have to have the heater constantly running in order to keep your room warm.

If adding insulation to a non-insulated room is too expensive, what you can do is buy one of these window insulation kits.

Much of the heat in your room can escape through your window. Your window is also the place for cold air from the outside to enter your room. This is why it’s a good to have double pane windows, it helps prevent this from happening.

If you don’t those types of windows, then installing these window insulators can help reduce your energy bill as well as keep your nice and warm. It doesn’t take long to install and it’s relatively cheap. All you’ll need to install these things is a pair of scissors, measuring tape, and a hair dryer. By doing this, you’ll keep more of the heat produced by your heater instead of letting it leak out of your house and spending more money on electricity than you have to.

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