Best Colored Pencils

Ready to create a masterpiece? Great! What you’ll need is a good imagination and hours and hours of practice. What you’ll also need is a good set of colored pencils. These Prismacolor Premiere pencils are awesome. They’re wax based pencils that will lay down vibrant pigment. You can certainly find cheaper pencils but the quality of these are worth the price.

Now if you want to go a bit more expensive, then buy these Faber-Castel colored pencils. This set is oil based and will give you rich colors.

If you don’t really care about brand and just want to get whatever is the highest rated colored pencils, then browse this page. There are a bunch of different brands listed. You’ll notice Crayola being one of the top rated and that’s likely due to it being the most well known brand as well as their low price. Their quality is good so don’t think they’re only made for kids to use.

Whether you’re an artist or want to buy your kids some good quality colored pencils, that page should have a set that will fit your budget and quality standards.

There are a few things that might be useful to know when it comes to colored pencils.

The first is that there are generally 3 different types to choose from which are oil, wax, and watercolor. The right type of pencil will depend on what you’re trying to create as well as the type of paper you will be creating your artwork on.

Wax based is the most common. If you went into a store and just grabbed a random set of colored pencils, most likely, it will be wax based. They’re cheaper and have more color selection as well as easier to erase compared to oil.

Some artists swear by wax based pencils while others prefer oil based. It’s really up to you and what you like best and feel most comfortable using. In the right hands, any type of pencil can create a masterpiece.

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