Baseball Quotes and Sayings About Life

baseball quotesBaseball, some love it, some hate it. For those who love it, there’s no other sport they’d rather play. Below are some inspirational baseball quotes about life. Almost all of these are by famous baseball players. As with all sports, if you want to become really good at baseball, you have to breathe it and live it. Enjoy every second of it, even the brutal training because all of it, the sweat, the frustration, the exhaustion, will all help you get a step closer to whatever your ultimate goal of playing this game is.

Let’s start off with a motivational baseball video:

“I want to be remembered as a ballplayer who gave all he had to give.” – Roberto Clemente

“Everything worthwhile in life is worth a price. Some people give their bodies to science, I give mine to baseball.” – Ron Hunt

“Baseball is the only place in life where a sacrifice is really appreciated.” – Unknown

“I’ve come to the conclusion that the two most important things in life are good friends and a good bullpen.” – Bob Lemon

“Baseball is a lot like life. The line drives are caught, the squibbers go for base hits. It’s an unfair game.” – Rod Kanehl

“If you don’t play to win, why keep score?” – Vernon Law

“Hit or get hit.” – Hughie Jennings

“It ain’t over ’til it’s over.” – Yogi Berra

“The ball player who loses his head, who can’t keep his cool, is worse than no ball player at all.” – Lou Gehrig

“I wasn’t in a slump. I just wasn’t getting any hits.” – Dave Henderson

“We don’t stop playing because we get old. We get old because we stop playing.” – Satchel Paige

“You may go a long time without winning, but you never forget that scent.” – Steve Busby

“The will to win is worthless if you don’t get paid for it.” – Reggie Jackson

“Baseball is ninety percent mental.The other half is physical.” – Yogi Berra

“Less than a foot made the difference between a hero and a bum.” – Pete Alexander

“Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday’s success or put its failures behind and start over again. That’s the way life is, with a new game every day, and that’s the way baseball is.” – Bob Feller

“Baseball is like a poker game. Nobody wants to quit when he’s losing; nobody wants you to quit when you’re ahead.” – Jackie Robinson

“Life will always throw you curves, just keep fouling them off, the right pitch will come and when it does be prepared to run the bases.” – Sara Ann Nielsen

“You kind of get tired of giving the other team credit. At some point you’ve got to look in the mirror and say, ‘I sucked.'” – Alex Rodriguez

“Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” – Satchel Paige

“You can’t win all of the time. There are guys out there who are better than you.” – Yogi Berra

“You see, you spend a good piece of your life gripping a baseball, and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time.” – Jim Bouton

“I am not too serious about anything. I believe you have to enjoy yourself to get the most out of your ability.” – George Brett

“A baseball swing is a very finely tuned instrument. It is repetition and more repetition, then a little more after that.” – Reggie Jackson

“Close don’t count in baseball. Close only counts in horseshoes and grenades.” – Frank Robinson

“Sometimes in this game it’s as good to be lucky as it is to be good.” – Vida Blue

“Ya gotta believe.” – Tug McGraw

“Pitching is the art of instilling fear.” – Sandy Koufax

“A lot of guys even question my sanity. But that’s good. I want them to know I’ll do anything it takes to win. I want them to think I’m crazy.” – Al Hrabosky

“You can’t hit what you can’t see.” – Walter Johnson

“You can’t tell how much spirit a team has until it starts losing.” – Rocky Colavito

“Ain’t no man can avoid being born average. But there ain’t no man got to be common.” – Satchel Paige

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