Best Cameras for Filming Videos for Youtube

We’ve all heard of and use Youtube so it’s no surprise that Youtube is one of the most visited sites in the world, #2 at the time of this writing. Their platform has helped entertain people, educate them, and has even given people a means to create a full time income. All it takes is a little creativity, a ton of perseverance, a good camera, some video editing skills, and a little bit of luck.

Here is the best camera for Youtube videos list. Scroll down to see more information on some of these cameras. All of these are available on Amazon.

1. Canon EOS Rebel T5i

2. Canon EOS Rebel T3i

3. Canon PowerShot G7 X

4. Canon EOS Rebel T6

5. Nikon COOLPIX B500

6. Canon EOS 5D Mark III

From how-to videos to skits to tutorials to stock investing to traveling, any topic you can think of, there’s likely a video for it. Many people do it for fun but many also do it for money. There’s a lot of money to be made on Youtube as you already know.

If you want to start creating Youtube videos whether to make reviews of the latest gadgets or vlog about your life or create skits or anything else, and you’re serious about making quality videos or making money from your Youtube videos, then you’ll want a decent camera to use.

High quality videos are just more appealing to watch compared to low quality videos. In term of quality, much of it comes down to the camera you use.

Best Cameras for Youtube Videos

When it comes to choosing the best camera or even just a good one, the range of choices you have are pretty big. Most likely though, you’ll have a budget so that should cut out some options.

If you’re aiming to make high quality videos, I think it’s important to invest in a quality camera. However, you probably don’t want to go overboard and spend thousands of dollars on an expensive camera if you’re just starting out making videos or you’re a beginner when it comes to photography or videography.

So which camera should you get? How about one of the ones that many Youtubers with a lot of subscribers use?

Here are a few of the most popular cameras Youtubers use.

Canon EOS Rebel T5i (700D)

A few key features

  • 18 Mega Pixel hybrid CMOS sensor
  • 5 fps burst
  • Continuous AF in video
  • 9 crosstype AF points
  • 1080 (30, 25, 24 fps) and 720 (60, 50 fps) HD video (29min limit, H.264 format)
  • Integrated speedlite transmitter
  • Multi-touch LCD screen
  • Max ISO 25600
  • Built in stereo mic and mic input

This is the later model of the Rebel line. This model has a lot of similarities with the T3i (600D).

Here is a good video review of the T5i:

Here is the 18-135mm lens mentioned in the video.

Canon EOS Rebel T3i (600D)

Key Features

  • 3.7 fps burst
  • 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor
  • 9 point AF system
  • 1080p HD video recording w/ manual controls

Released in March of 2011, the T3i has become one of the most popular DSLRs available. At this price range, it also makes it one of the best DSLR cameras for under $1000.

The release of the T3i has been a blessing to many aspiring videographers. With it, you’ll have the ability to record full HD video.

Why choose a DSLR? There are many reasons such as allows you to have an accurate preview of what you’re shooting and with larger sensors compared to those point and shoot digital compact cameras, you’ll have much better quality and higher resolution pictures. With the ability to change out lenses, you’ll be able to shoot amazing HD videos for a lot less than what it used to cost.

The T3i is a solid camera, is well made, and feel comfortable when holding it in your hands. It comes with 1 SD card slot which you’ll have to buy separately like with most cameras that use SD cards. It’ll also work with SDHC or SDXC cards.

Canon T3i (600D) vs Canon T5i (700D)

*The cameras in the video are the European version and don’t have the word “Rebel” on them or the T3i/T5i but they’re the exact same as the Rebel T cameras. Here’s a good video outlining some of the difference between the T5i and the T3i.

If you want the newer version of the Rebel series, get the Canon T6 (1300D). It was released in 2016.

Canon Powershot G7 X

Although it’s great to have a DSLR camera in terms of quality, they’re typically pretty big and can be inconvenient to carry around. If you’re primarily using one at home to shoot your videos, then it won’t matter much but if you’re often out and about, it can be a hassle for some people.

With that in mind, for those who want a smaller point and shoot camera that is also high quality, then the Powershot G7 X might be a good option.

It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, assuming you’re not wearing skinny jeans, but is high quality enough to allow you to shoot HD videos.

I personally have both the Canon T5i and this camera. I love the quality the T5i produces but if I know I’ll be out and about, I typically grab my G7 X since convenience is important to me unless it’s a special event where I also want to take really good pictures in which case I’ll take my T5i.

Key Features

  • 1.0-inch, 20.2 MP High-Sensitivity CMOS Sensor combined with Canon’s powerful DIGIC 6 Image Processor
  • f/1.8(W)-f/2.8(T), 4.2x optical Zoom (24mm-100mm), 9-blade iris diaphragm and IS equipped lens
  • Screen can be rotated around for easier selfies and self recording.
  • 1080p/60p Full HD video with up to 60 fps

Convenient Camera

If convenience is super important to you, the Flip UltraHD might be a good choice. This was my previous go to camera a few years ago, back when it was a popular camera for Youtubers. The quality of the Flip isn’t as great as any of the cameras listed here but it was super convenient due to its size. Not very many functions but it’s simple to use.

Now if your budget for the best video camera for Youtube is a bit higher, then consider..

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

The price of this camera is several times the price of the 2 cameras above but if you really want high quality and you’re not a beginner, then this camera is one of the best cameras to buy. Here’s a video review of the Mark III:

Cheaper Options

With that said, if your goal is to create high quality looking Youtube videos, the Mark III really isn’t necessary especially if you’re just starting out.

If you’re looking for something a bit cheaper than those Rebel cameras, here are some other options:

1. Nikon COOLPIX S9900 Digital Camera.


  • 16MP 1/2.3″ BSI CMOS Sensor
  • NIKKOR f/3.0-6.5mm ED Lens
  • 22.5-900mm (35mm Equivalent)
  • 3″ 921k-Dot Tilting LCD
  • Full HD 1080p Video Recording at 30 fps
  • Bluetooth (BLE), Wi-Fi, NFC Connectivity

2. Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam

Another option is to get a webcam instead of a video camera. It’s a much cheaper version. The only issue is that you won’t be able to take it outside with you to film stuff. However, if you’re primarily going to be vlogging and your budget isn’t too high, it’s a great option.

Of the webcams used for Youtube, this one is one of the best ones out there. You can record HD 1080P videos at 30Fps/ 720P at 60FPS. It’s also great for streaming as well.

3. Flip UltraHD

As mentioned earlier, this camera is another cheaper option but also convenient to carry around. It has built in memory and a USB arm that plugs into your computer for easy uploading.

  • Easy-to-use, pocket-sized HD camcorder featuring one-touch recording and digital zoom
  • Simple user interface lets you start capturing video just seconds after powering on
  • Captures 120 minutes of HD video on 8 GB of built-in memory; no tapes or additional memory cards required

If you’re starting out and don’t really have any money for a good DSLR camera, then you likely didn’t read down this far anyway but if you did, I suggest just using your phone camera or any camera and start posting up videos.

An average quality video is better than no videos when you’re first starting your Youtube channel. Plenty of people were able to attract a lot of fans well before using high quality cameras for Youtube videos became popular.

Eventually though, you’ll want to save up enough money to get a good camera. These days, people are looking for HD quality videos rather than videos that look like they were shot with a potato. Aside from camera quality, you’ll also want to look into lighting and getting a good microphone down the line as well as a quality video editing software.

Building Your Youtube Channel

Whether you’re making Youtube videos for fans or for money, the important thing is to have fun. It’s tough to get subscribers when you’re starting out but if you stick to it, you’ll slowly build up your fan base and hopefully, one or more of your videos will go viral giving you a huge boost in subscribers.

Also keep in mind that it will take a lot of hard work. You can own the best camera for Youtube videos but if you don’t produce and upload videos, your channel won’t go very far.

In terms of getting more subscribers, a lot of it has to do with making videos consistently unless you’re able to produce something that goes viral in a short amount of time. For most Youtubers, putting out videos each week is important for keeping your subscribers remembering you. With so many channels and videos competing for viewers attention, if you don’t put out videos consistently, many of your subscribers will likely forget they even subscribed to you and might end up unsubscribing.

Another strategy is networking. This means reaching out to other related Youtube channels and doing a collaboration where each side mentions the other person’s channel. It’d be great if you can get a huge channel mentioning you but unless you know them personally, you’re like just one out of dozens of people who ask them each day. You’d have a better chance asking channels around your level of subscribers but you never know who will help promote your channel. If your videos are good enough, you’ll have people sharing your video without you having to ask.

These days, with so many channels on Youtube, it’s a bit harder to gain subscribers but it’s certainly possible. Keep learning and trying out new ideas. You never know when one of your video idea could go viral and often times, all it takes is one viral video to explode your subscriber numbers.

Getting the best camera for Youtube you can afford is great but without enough subscribers, it may get a bit discouraging. A good camera just makes your videos more appealing. Good, interesting content and marketing is what will be crucial to your success on Youtube.

Good Luck!


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