How to Find the Motivation to Work Out?

Need some motivation to work out? If so, you’re not alone. If there is one thing that stops most people from achieving their fitness and weight loss goals, it’s the lack of consistency. Anyone can get themselves to work out for a few weeks but only those who can do it for months or even years will get the results they want.

Here are a few tips to help you keep that motivation up:

Think Long Term

Most people see fitness as a short term activity to long term results. It doesn’t usually work that way. If you want to have long term results, you need to see fitness as a long term thing, as a way of living, as a part of who you are.

The main advantages of doing this is to prevent you from quitting too soon and stop you from going on crazy diets you can’t possibly keep up with. Since you’ll be taking the long term approach, you’re much more likely to come up with a regimen you can not only keep up with but enjoy as well.

It Will Get Easier

If getting yourself to work out is an uphill battle, don’t worry, that won’t last. Until working out becomes a habit, you’re probably going to rely on will power to get things done. Some days will be easier than others but if you can keep it up for at least a month, you’ll see that working out will become easier.

For some people, the habit won’t form for several months but keep this in mind: The longer you consistently work out, the easier it will become.

This will help give you that extra motivation on those days you just don’t feel like going. Sooner or later, you’ll get to the point where not working out will start to become difficult.

Partner Up

Many people find that it helps to hit the gym with a friend. When you work out alone, it’s often easy to put it off but when you know someone else is counting on you to be there, it will help push you to just go. Just make sure you choose a partner who won’t keep flaking on you.


Workout songs can be a great tool to get you pumped up and ready for the gym. Choose your favorite songs and when it’s time to go and you’re feeling a bit lazy, turn the music on and you’ll start getting into the right mindset. Just make sure when you’re at the gym you focus on working out instead of constantly fiddling with your MP3 player.

Use Pictures

Many people find that it helps to see a picture of how they don’t want to be. Looking at that picture helps motivate them to work out. Others find it more motivating to see a picture of the body they want. You can even try both if it helps.

Make a Bet

The reason why most people who stop working out choose to stop working out is because they don’t see any immediate consequences. To give you more reasons to work out, make a deal with a friend, spouse, or family member. Tell them that if you don’t workout when you’re supposed to, you’ll give them $20 or however much is enough for you to not want to pay up.

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