15 Inspirational Ice Hockey Quotes

Here are 15 inspirational ice hockey quotes. Hockey is one of the harder sports to master. Most people can’t even ice skate let alone do it while controlling a puck and dodging guys holding sticks as you quickly search for an opening where you can shoot the puck pass another guy wearing full body armor. On top of that, there’s the potential of getting into a fight where you might come out missing a few of your teeth or at least have your knuckles all bloody. This isn’t a sport for the weak; it’s a sport for men who are graceful on the ice yet tough enough to handle the devastating impact of getting slammed against the glass.

Let’s start off with a motivational hockey video to get you in the mood:


“You miss 100% of the shots you never take.” – Wayne Gretzky

“Half the game is mental, the other half is being mental.” – Jim Mckenny

“Pain is nothing. Pain is in the mind. If you can walk you can run.” – Cam Neely

“It’s not necessarily the amount of time you spend at practice that counts; it’s what you put into the practice.” – Eric Lindros

“We know that hockey is where we live, where we can best meet and overcome pain and wrong and death. Life is just a place where we spend time between games.” – Fred Shero

“Great moments are born from great opportunities.” – Herb Brooks

“Hockey’s a funny game. You have to prove yourself every shift, every game. It’s not up to anybody else. You have to take pride in yourself.” – Paul Coffey

“A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” – Wayne Gretzky

“Hockey players have fire in their hearts and ice in their veins”. – Unknown

“You’ve got to love what you’re doing. If you love it, you can overcome any handicap, or the soreness, or all the aches and pains and continue to play for a long, long time.” – Gordie Howe

“To play the game is good. To win is better. But to love the game is best of all.” – Unknown

“It’s too easy when you’re not winning to look for excuses and point at others for reasons. You ca say ‘Oh well, it’s this guys fault or they don’t do this well’, or you can say ‘I’ve got to play better and contribute more’. You’ve got to find another gear and come up with big games.” – Sean Burke

“The highest compliment that you can pay me is to say that I work hard every day, that I never dog it.” – Wayne Gretzky

“Hockey is a man’s game. The team with the most real men wins.” – Brian Burke

“Goals live on the other side of obstacles and challenges. Be relentless in pursuit of those goals, especially in the face of obstacles. Along the way, make no excuses and place no blame.” – Ray Bourque

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