Motivational Video – Roger Federer on Success

Here’s a motivational video of Roger Federer giving advice on success.

Roger Federer Quotes

“You got to have that fighting spirit, that will to win.”

“The best thing I’ve done in the last 10 years was question myself during the best of times. When things are going great, what more can I do, how much better can I become, how much harder can I train.”

“The team is very important for me. I always feel like you’re only as good as your team members.”

“I think it’s important to learn from mistakes and loses because usually you learn more there than from wins.”

On Being Nervous:

“If I never get nervous anymore maybe that means I don’t care so much.”

On Getting Over Defeat:

“You have no choice really. So you could choose to be disappointed for some time, you could choose to get over it quickly.”

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