24 Hours to Change Your Future

change your futureYour future will be largely determined by what you spend your time doing each day. Whether you’re broke, rich, fat, hungry, friendless, loved, hated, white, black, blue, tall, short, or anything else, you will still have 24 hours each day.

During these continuous 24 hour blocks, you have the forever decreasing opportunity to shift the direction your life is headed. Why is it decreasing? It’s because each day that passes is a day closer to your death.

There are many people who don’t like their life and where it’s headed yet, they’re not doing a damn thing to change it. They go through their days doing the same things over and over again. They spend countless hours on mindless activities like watching TV and surfing the internet. When the chance arises, they complain about how their life sucks.

Some of these people haven’t truly grasped the concept that their time is crucially limited. Others have simply given up and have accepted their life the way it is.

How to Change Your Future

The process of changing your life around is simple. All you need to do is decide to make that change, it can happen in an instant.

The challenge is staying on track with those changes. We are creatures of habit and because of this, we tend to gravitate back towards the things we’re used to doing. In order to overcome this, you must make your new changes your new normal routine.

An effective way to start making these long term changes is by first choosing something you can eliminate or cut back on from your life. Since you’ll be doing something new, something old has to go because again, there’s only 24 hours in a day.

To know what to cut out from your life, ask yourself whether or not the activity is bringing you closer to your dream life. Work on getting your life to where most of what you do is related to obtaining your dream life.

To make things easier, start small. Instead of cutting TV completely out of your life, for example, cut it by 30 minutes for a few weeks. Just like that, you have an extra 30 minutes a day that you can spend working on your dream life.

Results from these changes may take time but pointing your life in a different direction happens the second you make the decision to do so.

The Possibilities Are Ridiculous

Just how much can one’s life be changed in, say, 5 years? The answer ranges from not much to completely and it all comes down to how effectively you use your 24 hours in each day.

This is an extreme example but imagine what you can accomplish if you never waste a minute of your time. How many skills can you master? How much work can you get done? How much quality time can you spend with those you love and care about? How much time would you be able to contribute?

Obviously, as humans, we need rest and relaxation in order to not go crazy but what if you were able to get your relaxation time in effectively instead of going overboard and spending way too much time on pointless things?

It’s pretty difficult to be this efficient with your time but even if you just become 25% more efficient, meaning you waste 25% less time, your life can change in a big way 5 years from now. You can literally go from broke and desperate to living the life of your dreams or at least being someone who has a lot of desirable skills.

The Time is Now

If you’re going to change your life, the time to do it is now. Even if you had started 10 years ago, you’d still be behind so by delaying it even for another day would be crazy. You have no idea how much time you really have left so just in case it’s much, much less than you think, whatever it is you want to create, do, or be in your lifetime, now is the time to start.

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