Happy New Year 2013!

It’s that time of the year again where past failures and mistakes are forgotten and a rush of enthusiasm starts to flow back into people. I don’t know what your goals for the year are but if they’re the same as last year and the previous years because you continue to quit too soon each year, then it’s time you get these goals checked off your list once and for all.

A tip you can use is to focus solely on one goal at a time. Put all of your energy into it. It’s better to accomplish just one goal than to start several and accomplish none of them. Whether your goal is to make more money, lose weight, travel, or anything else, the important thing to remember is to stay focused.

Distractions will inevitably appear, you can almost count on it. It will be your job, no, your mission, to keep your priorities in order. One slip up isn’t going to make or break you but if you allow a few slips to grow in number, you’ll find yourself resetting the same goals again next year.

Remember, getting off track is okay but staying off track is not. Lots of people say they are going to make this year the best year yet but talking is cheap, action trumps words every time. Let’s make the next New Year’s Eve something to really celebrate over.

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