Pushing Forward in the Face of Setbacks

Setbacks are a part of life. Anytime you set out to achieve a goal, setbacks will eventually show up at the door. If only life didn’t work that way. Some say setbacks are there to force you to grow and to make achieving the goal you want more meaningful. Heck, I say the same thing as well but sometimes, I think life would just be more enjoyable if we can get the things we want without any resistance. Sure, life will be boring and obtaining goals wouldn’t be as exciting but it would be nice to experiencing an easier life wouldn’t it?

Of course, there’s not point in thinking this way because life will never be that easy. Whether you see them as unfair roadblocks in life or opportunities to become wiser, more experienced, and mentally stronger, challenges and obstacles will always exist. The best thing to do is to use them to your advantage. Use them as reasons to strengthen your resolve.

When a setback occurs, it can sometimes be the hardest thing to want to keep pushing forward but whether you stop or keep moving, time will keep ticking away. If success in life is what you want, you know you’re going to eventually stand back up and try again anyway so the sooner you can bounce back up, the better. There are only so many goals and dreams you could reach and experiences you can take in before your time here expires.

If it helps, expect setbacks to show up. That way, when it does, you’ll be more prepared to handle them. Sometimes, you’ll have to deal with setbacks that are so big that you have to abandon your current strategy or goal and that’s fine. If changing your strategy still doesn’t work and you’ve tried everything, then just choose a slightly different goal. Time is always moving. If you truly understand that life is ridiculously short then you won’t allow yourself to let setbacks take away the joy you could be experiencing in life.

Until your final breath, keep fighting for the life you want. Be flexible enough to change your approach and even your goal if necessary. Remember that the ultimate goal in life is to be happy and just enjoy it while you’re here. Regardless of how much you accumulate, do, don’t do, or experience, once your life is over, that’s it. Even if you created some legacy that will outlast you, your time will be over with.

Keep this in mind and hopefully it will help your realize that allowing any setback to stop you from pursuing the life you want to experience is just plain silly. People say life isn’t a race and maybe it isn’t but it IS on a time limit. Curse, cry, and pity yourself if you have to; just don’t spend too much time doing those things. You have a life waiting for you to live.

So whatever setbacks or challenges you’re going through, once you overcome the shock of it all, stand up, dust yourself off, and keep pushing forward. You have less time to waste than you think.

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