Best Selling Ebooks

Reading is good for the mind and these days, it’s all about ebooks. Here are the best selling ebooks both paid and free ebooks.

If you look near the top, you’ll see the Top 100 Free link to browse the most downloaded ebooks. Both the paid and free list is updated hourly. The free ebooks are typically limited to 1-3 days so you’ll want to get them before they’re not free anymore. Many authors put their book up for free for a few days to help them build some good reviews for their book as well as get higher rankings in the paid book section once their book reverts from free to paid.

On the left side of the page, you’ll see the different genres. From fiction to how-to books to kids books to medical books, it’s all there.

The easiest way to read these ebooks is to buy a Kindle but if you have another device such as the iPad, you can download Amazon’s Kindle App for free and read the ebooks on your iPad.

Many people still prefer to read from a physical book. The feeling of turning a page can’t be replicated on a tablet. The good thing with ebooks is you can store thousands of books on one device and even if you’re reading 10 books at the same time, the device will save where you left off on each book. There’s a huge convenience factor that has made a lot of people switch from physical books to ebooks.

Just know that with many of the free books, especially the fiction books, many of them are more like teasers or just part 1 of many parts. The goal of the author is to entice you into buying their other books and one way is to give the first book away for free. There’s nothing wrong with this and it’s always a good idea to support authors you like but figured I’d point that out so no one gets surprised.

Now, obviously, not all of these free books will be worth your time. If you don’t want to end up wasting your time on a bad book, especially if it’s a non-fiction, how-to type of book, make sure you read the reviews. Just keep in mind that when these books are put up for free, many times, the first handful of reviews are from the author’s fan base so they might not be the most genuine. But then again, free is free so you might as well download it now and decide whether or not to read it later.

Another thing to keep in mind is for the free ebooks, the top one doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best one. There are authors who pay to get their free book promoted to a group of readers. Their free promotion is emailed out to thousands of people, many who join these email lists to get notified of free ebooks. So, when a bunch of people see the author’s book, they will download it, giving the author a higher ranking even though no one has read the book yet.

In other words, the rankings are based on most downloaded books which can be manipulated by some authors through groups such as the one mentioned above. But then again, it’s free. However, once the free promo ends, the amount of downloads the book gets while it was free affects the ranking in the “paid books” category. If it’s high enough, more people will see it and more copies will be sold which increases the rankings even further. So until you see actual reviews, it’s hard to know if a book is any good or not, especially when it comes to the free section.

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