A List of Awesome Motivational Speeches

Words can have the power to motivate and inspire people to change their lives. There have been many great motivational speeches over the decades that has opened our imaginations, gave us the confidence to move forward, and the provide us with the mental strength to push against the obstacles that stand in our path.

From speeches given by business leaders, to sports coaches, to motivational speakers, these videos will hopefully help you to get fired up about achieving your goals and reaching your dreams. I’ll continue to add to this page so bookmark it and check back often.

Let’s start off with a great speech from the movie, Any Given Sunday:

Here’s another classic speech given by Jimmy Valvano back in 1993 at the ESPYs:

Some of the most memorable speeches are from movies. Here’s a video that show clips from various movies:

The Rocky Balboa speech to his son. Some great words of wisdom here:

Arnold talks about the 6 keys to success:

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