Simple Tips on Dressing Better

When you dress better, you tend to feel better. When you feel better, you tend to have more confidence. When you have more confidence, people around you will notice and opportunities are more likely to occur. The term “dress for success” shouldn’t be new to you but in this short post, let’s talk about some key things to help you dress a bit better in general without having to spend too much money on high end clothes.

1. Fit

The first and most important rule to dressing better is to buy clothes that actually fit you. Unless you’re a teenager, you don’t want to where clothes that hang off of you. The “baggy” look is a thing of the past.

When you wear a shirt, make sure the shoulder seams don’t go further than the corner of your shoulders. In general, you want shirts to somewhat hug your body, showing your form rather than hiding it. Obviously, this is easier to do if you’re fit but even so, shirts that fit you simply looks better.

This goes the same for pants. Get rid of those baggy jeans and opt for pants that are a bit slimmer. If you’re skinny enough to pull off skinny jeans, then go for it but otherwise, just go for slim fit or straight leg jeans/pants.

Fit is super important when it comes to wearing suits. Spend some extra money to get your suits tailored.

The bottom line on fit: It’s much better to wear cheap clothes that fit you than expensive clothes that don’t.

2. Shoes

Shirts and pants are changed quite often but shoes aren’t, unless you have tons of them. If you’re limited in funds and you’re wondering what you should invest in when it comes to clothes, a good pair of shoes is it.

In general, buy something that is versatile and will fit with most of the clothes in your closet. Most people already have sneakers so perhaps some brown shoes/boots can be your next purchase. If there’s one thing you should spend a bit more on, it’s shoes.

3. Style

When it comes to fashion, what’s in today could be out next month. What’s trendy is changing all the time. If you want to save some money, stick to styles that will be around for a long time. A nice pair of shoes/boots with quality jeans and a shirt that fits is a pretty safe bet.

Over time, you’ll develop your own personal taste in clothes and as long as you like it and wearing what you wear makes you feel confident, you’re probably doing it right.

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