Best Airsoft Guns

If you’re wondering what the best airsoft brand is, you’ll find it difficult to get a straight answer since it’s different for everyone. However, there are a few brands that stand out and makes the top of the list for most people.

Here is a list of the Best Airsoft Guns.

Popular brands:



Classic Army


– Good value for money
– Good bodywork
– Decent stock performance
– Good range of models
– Higher tier guns have lots of nice features

– Weak gearbox shells
– Lots of components are slightly off-spec so upgrading certain things is difficult

Tokyo Marui

– Great quality control
– Excellent range of upgrades
– Eots of features on some models (recoil, empty mag detection)

– Low power
– Expensive



– Average brand of guns


– Great bodywork
– Good stock performance
– Lots of features
– Great stock trigger response

– Expensive, bad value for the money.

Not every gun from even the best brands will be good so be sure to look at the rating and reviews for the specific airsoft gun you’re thinking of buying.

Equipment related to the Airsoft guns you may need.


Optical sights are fairly common for use on airsoft rifles; mostly red dot sights for short-range use, and telescopic sights for longer-range use. These range from inexpensive sights designed for use on pellet guns and .22 rifles, to mid-range sights, usually inexpensive replicas of actual rifle sights (such as replicas of the M68 Aimpoint, Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG), and imitation holographic weapon sights that are actually just red dot sights), to actual sights designed for use on rifles, including the EOTech holographic sights, and the Trijicon ACOGs. Replica (or “clone”) sights are much cheaper than their real counterparts, but are usually unlicensed, much less durable and reliable, and should not be used with real firearms where violent recoil may damage them or throw the sight off zero. Most optical sights are mounted on a MIL-STD-1913 rail, while other guns, including replicas of Kalashnikovs, MP5s and G36s may have specific proprietary mounts.


KSC GLOCK magazines for their gas blowback models. Interesting features: the valve up top which releases gas when depressed by the hammer, and the lack of GLOCK logo on the right-hand magazine, as it came with a KWA GLOCK.

Magazines are usually realistic looking replicas of real firearms’ magazines and as such are made of the same materials like stamped metal or high impact plastic. They occasionally feature markings and/or engravings that match or mimic their real counterparts.

Airsoft magazines are divided into the following classes according to the number of pellets they hold:

– Low Capacity
– Mid Capacity
– High Capacity
– Real Capacity
– Drum/Box Magazine
– Pistol Magazines

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