North Face Jackets

The North Face company is known for their quality jackets but if you’ve ever gone shopping for their jackets, you’ll know they don’t come cheap. Many brands are expensive but not every brand is worth the money. So is North Face worth the money? In terms of quality and longevity, yes but not every North Face jacket is a good buy. If you want a good quality jacket that’s worth the price, buy their Denali line of jackets. The price isn’t too crazy expensive and the quality is excellent.

Another great line is their Tri-climate jackets. If you need something a bit thicker to keep you warmer, this line is good.

If you don’t want to spend that much money on a jacket, then what you can do is look for cheaper jackets that are made of similar materials. It might be a bit hard to find the same quality jackets for much cheaper though.

Here’s a bit of history on The North Face company.

The North Face began as a San Francisco-based climbing equipment retail store, founded in 1966 by Douglas Tompkins and his then-wife, Susie Tompkins. It was acquired two years later by Kenneth “Hap” Klopp. The north face of a mountain in the northern hemisphere is generally the coldest, iciest and most formidable route to climb.[4]

For a time, the store offered only highly selective merchandise, targeted to climbers and backpackers. By the 1980s, skiwear was added, followed by camping equipment.

The North Face is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the VF Corporation. It is headquartered in Alameda, California, co-located with its corporate sibling, JanSport. In 2007, JanSport was the world’s largest backpack manufacturer; combined, the two manufactured nearly half of all small backpacks sold in the United States.

The North Face’s quarter-circle logo, produced by California designer David Alcorn in 1971, evokes Half Dome, a massive granitic monolith in Yosemite National Park. The North Face maintains strong links with the outdoor community through sponsoring athletes, including Lizzy Hawker, winner of the Ultra Trail Tour du Mont Blanc in 2005, 2008 and 2010.

The brand has become quite popular over the years due to its marketing as well as it’s stylish looks and of course, the fact that it keeps people warm. They’re a bit on the expensive side but their quality is good so they’ll last a long time which is one reason why plenty of people still buy their jackets and other apparel.

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